QuickBooks® Level 3 Credit Card Processing

Level3Services installs directly into QuickBooks® combining Credit Cards, ACH and Electronic Checks payment processing with accounting activities.

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Level 3 Benefits

    "Interchange plus" pricing for all qualified Credit Card Processing merchants.
    Reduce payment times from 30-60 days to only 1-2 days.
    Choose from 3 fully integrated solutions to meet your business needs.
    Accept credit cards, ACH and electronic checks.
    Expand your customers' payment options, simplify business operations and increase revenue with integrated payment processing.
    Receive instant payment from customers and automatically apply payments against open QuickBooks® invoices and sales receipts.

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Level 3 Features

    Process Credit Card Transactions
    Powerful Online Real-Time Reporting
    Recurring Debits and Credits
    Batch File Processing
    Email Invoicing with Automatic Payments
    Process ACH & Check Transactions
    Card Reader and Check Scanner Integration
    ISO, SSL and PCI DSS Certified
    Integrates directly with QuickBooks® software
    Works with 2009 - Current QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise editions!

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